About Me


If you are reading this, then you are one of the inquisitive few who wanted to learn more about me, Jacob Graham. My story begins in Wayne County, Ohio, where I grew up and went to high school. After graduating high school in 2020 and meeting my fiancée (high school sweethearts <3), I attended Grove City College, a classical, conservative Christian college located in Western Pennsylvania.

I obtained a B.S. in Computer Science in December of 2023, with a minor in cybersecurity. While I was in college, I was also a member of the school’s varsity men’s soccer team. During my time in Grove City’s rigorous Computer Science program, I completed coursework that covers the breadth of the world of computer science, including topics like algorithm analysis, data structures, networking, agile development principals, and machine learning, to name a few.

That’s me, the lucky guy on the right, with my fiancée, Grace.

What I Do

One thing I love about the field I have chosen is the boundless possibilities it puts within reach. In software development, I can build something that can improve the lives people around the world, and all I need is a laptop and an internet connection. As a result, I am always looking to work on new projects and learn new skills. Check out my homepage to see what I’ve been working on lately.

Client Work

One thing I’m passionate about is helping small businesses and organizations to bring their business into the modern age by establishing an online presence. Using my experience and technical skills, I can help any organization that is looking to enhance their online presence to meet their goals. Whether it be a complete website design, a new feature added to the site, an internal app for employee use only, or site maintenance and cybersecurity consulting, my skills can help improve your organization’s online presence, allowing you to focus on the more important, less tedious aspects of your business. Click here to see some of the people I am currently working with. Visit this page to learn more about working with me on your next web development project!


I have had a part in the operations of many companies throughout the beginning of my career. This includes positions in technical roles, like Web Development at Venture Products, Inc. (The Toro Company), to nontechnical roles, like work in the Outdoor Lawn and Garden Department at Lowes, Inc. What follows is more information about of my most relevant experience.

Systems Developer – The Wooster Brush Company

  • I develop REST APIs that provide controlled, secure, and managed access to department databases using FastAPI and SQLModel.
  • Build out frontends that interact with APIs I built using Vue and Nuxtjs.
  • Utitilized CI/CD technologies to ensure code quality and deliverability.
  • Use Pytest and TDD to ensure quality and effectiveness of changes to company-critical code libraries.
  • Used OOP principles to enhance code reusability and to create a unified an sensible development codebase.

Web Developer – Venture Products, Inc.

  • I added a host of new features to the Ventrac Dealer Network, a massive Laravel application, to help other employees and dealers do their jobs more efficiently.
  • I attended meetings with different departments to gain a better understanding of the business as a whole.
  • I routinely managed, queried, and manipulated SQL databases.
  • Complete courses on topics including the Laravel Framework, AlpineJS, and the MVC application structure.
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Developer and Associate – Compass Group

  • I began my time in this job as an ordinary kitchen associate, performing tasks like stocking storerooms and coolers and cleaning the kitchen of my school’s dining hall.
  • When I broke my foot at soccer practice, I transitioned to performing desk work for the company.
  • While performing desk worked, I realized there was a more efficient way to update item prices than the manual method that was being used, so I developed an python-based desktop app for the company that sliced their monthly invoices to find changes in the price of items, and to load them into their own dataframe.

IT Associate – Smithfoods, Inc.

  • I made use technologies like Microsoft Access/Active Directory and Habitec Security systems to help manage the electronic systems at the company.
  • I vastly expanded my networking knowledge through the setup and configuration of network cables, switches, and other devices.
  • I expanded my knowledge of hardware and low-level operating systems by setting up, dismantling, and configuring office network devices.
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For a complete record of my work experience, check out my LinkedIn or look at my resume below.